Technology and Innovation Support
II Congress of Technology and Innovation Support Centers
On October 12-13, 2023, Qazpatent, with the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), held the II Congress of the TISC "Integration of TISC resources for the technological development of regions"
The report of the TISC activities 2022
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
RSE "National Institute of Intellectual Property" of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Qazpatent)
In order to promote the development of the innovative potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ensure access to scientific and technical information, Kazakhstan participates in the International WIPO Project on the creation of a national network of TISC (Technology and Innovations Support Centers). The coordinating body of the CPT network in Kazakhstan is the RSE "National Institute of Intellectual Property" of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The National TISC Network was established to form an effective system for the implementation of IP rights by subjects of innovative activity and to enhance cooperation between centers of various countries within the framework of the international TISC network.
We support inventors and innovators
Support for inventors and technology entrepreneurs
  • Advising on general issues of registration and filing of applications for patents for an invention, utility model, industrial design, applications for state registration of a trademark, topology of an integrated circuit, etc.
  • Assistance in filing applications for registration of documents of industrial property objects and conducting a search on request (novelty, known state of the art and violation of rights);
  • Providing basic information on legislation, management principles and strategies in the field of industrial property, as well as on methods of commercialization and marketing of technologies.
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Support for commercialization offices, technology transfer centers and technology parks
  • Providing access to patent and non-patent (scientific and technical) online resources and publications on intellectual property;
  • Free training of the TISC staff at the courses of the WIPO Academy and provision of practical materials on the activities of the TISC with the participation of representatives of WIPO;
  • Provision of scientific, methodological and informational materials of WIPO and NIIP on the basics of legal protection of intellectual property results, search technologies, methods of commercialization and technology transfer;
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The leading center for education, training and advanced training in the field of intellectual property (IP), designed for WIPO Member States
Get access to this global knowledge center on patent search, patent analytics, technology transfer and institutional intellectual property policy.
Get access to webinars, practical guides and an electronic guide on the use of patent information.
Get access to WIPO's patent landscape reports and related training resources.
Get free or inexpensive access to
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Learn more about licensing, key terms of licensing agreements and negotiation methods, as well as how to prepare for and negotiate licensing contracts
Learn more about how WIPO supports academic institutions in developing institutional IP policies and IP management
Look for IP policies, guidelines, and model agreements from universities and research institutes around the world
We invite you to familiarize yourself with a selection of materials from the WIPO Knowledge Center on Intellectual Property and the Activities of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) through the prism of conversations with authors, editors, publishers and others.
"Participation in the TISC system allowed us to make full use of the center's resources and make reasonable decisions when using the patent system"
In 2022, the global network of TISC had more than 1,400 TISCs in 90 countries around the world
The Patent Application Drafting Training program is designed to help users of the patent system develop practical skills in the field of drafting and filing patent applications.
We are implementing a project to ensure the best possible interaction with the IP system for everyone. Start cooperating with us today!
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WIPO IP Academy
WIPO IP Academy
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The structure and organization of the work of the TISC
Get acquainted with the Agreement on the establishment of the TISC on the basis of a university or research institute
The goals and main directions of the development of the national network of CPT, implementation measures, as well as expected results
The national TISC network in Kazakhstan
1. Basic level:
1.1. Providing access to patent and non-patent information resources;
1.2. Providing consulting assistance on the use of patent databases in conducting patent research;
1.3. Providing access to free foreign patent and non-patent information resources (Patentscope, Espacenet);
1.4. Organization of distance learning according to the programs of the World Academy of WIPO.

2. Additional services provided by the TISC on a free basis:
2.1. Provision of general information on legislation in the field of intellectual property, as well as regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on registration and filing applications for obtaining security documents and maintaining them in force;
2.2. Training in the skills of conducting searches in specialized databases in the field of IP (conducting training seminars);
2.3. Providing basic licensing recommendations;
2.4. Participation in the organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences, seminars and other events in the region on the issues of legal protection and use of intellectual property results, patent research;
2.5. Informing about the possibility of obtaining consultations from intellectual property specialists;
2.6. Consulting on general issues of registration and filing of applications for patents for an invention, utility model, industrial design, applications for state registration of a trademark and service mark, computer programs, databases, integrated circuit topology

3. Additional services provided by the TISC on a paid basis:
3.1. Provision of consulting services on registration and filing of applications for patenting of industrial property objects;
3.2. Conducting patent research;
3.3. Preparation of patent research reports in accordance with GOSTR15.011-96;
3.4. Preparation of reports on patent landscapes;
3.5. Monitoring of scientific, technical and innovative potential, intellectual resources of the regions;
3.6. Implementation of information and analytical measures for the development of the region's economy
3.7. Assistance in the preparation of management decisions on the development and implementation of the innovation policy of an economic entity;
3.8. Assessment of the commercial potential of scientific and technical developments, conducting preliminary marketing research in order to select market-relevant projects;
3.9. Services for the commercialization of intellectual property, including information and legal, development of business plans for innovative projects, etc.

We support inventors and innovators
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